Introducing the WORLD’S SMARTEST whiteboard eraser

Why not scan the whiteboard while you erase? Now you can, with the Skribe.



Our “why?”

"While teaching in my regular job as a university professor, I noticed that many students take pictures of the whiteboard to keep up. Since I myself had issues following the lecture while taking note as a student, I could totally relate to the students taking pictures. However, it was distracting for the class. That’s when I wondered if I can make a whiteboard eraser to capture the writings without the need for any auxiliary system. Many months later, we developed Skribe!" - Dr. Sam Zadeh (CEO at Skribe)


Take your Skribe with you anywhere.

Skribe works with any standard dry-eraser marker and whiteboard without any auxiliary system. Everything is integrated into Skribe’s portable form-factor.

It has taken quite a lot of work to bring Skribe to life.

Since its inception, we have iterated through 14 versions of prototypes for the hardware alone on our path to perfect Skribe.

Here’s a quick video showing the behind-the-scenes engineering of the Skribe.


We will keep you updated as we make progress on the Skribe.

Meet our team


Dr. Sam Zadeh, PhD

CEO at Skribe


Sheriff Sadiqbatcha, PhD Cand.

Co-founder at Skribe